April 25, 2024


by Dr. Michel Azer

Have you noticed yellowing or stained teeth in the mirror? There can be many different causes of teeth not being their brightest. Whether you are a coffee drinker, or are genetically predisposed to having yellowing teeth, you will want to know all of your options for achieving that white, dazzling smile you have always wanted. Instead of using at-home methods to brighten your smile, you may be thinking of a more hands off approach and have your dentist whiten your teeth in the office. But are in-office teeth whitening treatment effective? Not only are in-office whitening treatments very effective, the treatments are also fast! After a 30 minute dental visit, you will be able to see the results immediately. You can leave your teeth whitening appointment with the smile you want and the time to enjoy it, instead of spending time on multiple treatments a day at home using whitening strips or trays.

What are alternatives?

There are many different methods to whitening teeth that vary in length of treatment, cost, and length of results.

  • Whitening Strips: These over-the-counter whitening strips are used for 30 minutes, twice a day for a few weeks depending on the number of strips.
  • Tray Whitening: The trays are worn for less than 90 minutes at a time daily until desired color is achieved but under 21 days.
  • Whitening Toothpaste and Mouthwash: This can aid in brightening your smile but will probably not produce a drastic change.

How long does the whitening last?

In-office whitening treatments allow you to walk in, sit down, and leave with an immediately noticeable whiter smile. You do not have to worry about reading directions or watching a timer. But how long do in-office whitening treatments last? Though results vary person to person, most in-office whitening treatments last between 1 and 3 years.

Getting the most out of your in-office whitening treatment can mean keeping up with good oral care by:

  • Brushing twice a day
  • Flossing once at day and when needed
  • Using a therapeutic mouthwash

Keep your teeth looking their best by avoiding certain staining drinks and habits like:

  • Dark drinks like coffee, tea, and red wine. Drinking water soon after consuming these beverages can help to lessen staining.
  • Tobacco products like cigarettes and chewing tobacco

Greet the world with a big, beautiful, bright smile without worrying about the color of your teeth. By scheduling an in-office teeth whitening treatment, you will get a hands off, fast, and lasting whitening treatment that will give you immediate results and last year after year. If you live in the Coralville area, schedule your in-office teeth whitening treatment with Coral West Dental today!

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